Artist's Statement

Parallel commitments to art and psychoanalysis have been the focus of my life's work, yet I have always had a passion for music. In fact, that passion has often been a powerful inspiration for my paintings. Over the years, the music of Pierre Boulez, Dmitri Shostakovich and others has inspired paintings where I sought to bring the aural into the visual.

As with all of my work, I continue to try to find a place between chaos and organization, walking the fine line between complete breakdown and rigidity. Somewhere between chaos and control, I discover a space where development can take place in such a way that I am neither lost in the chaos nor strangled trying to operate within a fixed structure.

By engaging in a constant experimentation with my work, I allow a play of destructive and loving forces that permeates all of my paintings. I let myself uncover, reveal and open myself up to being surprised or dismayed by what happens in front of me while I paint, by what I bring forth. I would like to think that I work at a point of juncture where instinct and intelligence converge.